Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Class decoration

Please stay back on Thursday and Friday;it is not compulsory

The theme is "Learning journey-Back to the future"(more specific)
We need to stay back tomorrow not Friday because many people told me that they will not be able to stay back on Friday!

Please bring recycled materials that we can use for decoration and if you are good at drawing please draw something that is related to our theme...


E.g)We are going to show past(back),future(to the future) and now(S2-08)
Besides that we also need to decorate with our themes and here are some ideas.
-Dinosaur $$
-The car:front part is an old car,middle part is modern car,the back part is futuristic car.
-The super logo(?) for "Back to the future"

Please stay back tomorrow*

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