Monday, 27 January 2014

Things to do for 27/1/2014


-Please do up the slides on Aryabhata, and also do up the monument for it [Due 29 Jan]


-Create a brand name, tagline and slogan for you company. [Due 31 Jan]


-Do up the slides for activity 1.3, and share it with Ms Tan [Due 28 Jan]
-Complete REFLECTION worksheet and homework. [Due 28 Jan]

Higher Chinese

-Post the mindmap for the composition on higher chinese blog.


-Do up a research justification report. [Due 28 Jan]


-Update/Do up your ADMT Advertisement on Google Drive, please share it with Ms Seah. [Due 28 Jan]
-Please bring camera and tripod [Due 28 Jan]
-Edmodo - Video Critique 2 (Those who have not complete) [Due 27 Jan]


-Please purchase your book. Cost is $14.90 
-Please remember to bring the english worksheet that we went through last week. [Due 28 Jan]

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