Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Things to do for 21/1/2014


-Math TB pg 35. Question 4,5,6,7,8,11,14 (Those who went to the remedial need not do again.)
[Due 21 Jan]
-Assignment 2.1, complete tier C also [Due date not stated]
-Complete the goal setting worksheet and have them signed by your parents. [Due 24 Jan]
-Please sign the form containing the assessment details [Due 24 Jan]


-Read through PDF Document on Indus and Shang civilisation
-Watch the documentary http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/legacy-the-origins-of-civilization/
China- Till 21 mins
India- Till 17 mins [Due 22 Jan]
-Complete 01A &01B [Due 22 Jan]
-Create a folder for IH


-Watch the video posted on the I&E blog, and post a comment. Details on the blog. [Due 24 Jan]


-Do the worksheet 2 [Due 23 Jan]
-Please hand up your quiz if you had not done so by tomorrow. 
-Complete pg 3&4 or refraction worksheet. 

Higher Chinese

-Complete the worksheet given. Refer to the newspaper printout. [Due 22 Jan]


-Do up a research justification report. [Due 28 Jan]


-Update group journal with story ideas and morphological analysis.


-Do up your brochure soon. Mr Arrowood is checking on our progress on 27 Jan 2014

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