Friday, 24 January 2014

Things to do for 24/1/2014


-Please do up the slides on Aryabhata, and also do up the monument for it [Due 29 Jan]


-Create a brand name, tagline and slogan for you company. [Due 31 Jan]


-Do up the slides for activity 1.3, and share it with Ms Tan [Due 28 Jan]
-Complete REFLECTION worksheet and homework. [Due 28 Jan]

Higher Chinese

-Do up a mindmap for the composition. Details of the composition are on pg 20 of the textbook. Ms Hu wants us to write out the scenarios for each paragraph in the mind map.


-Do up a research justification report. [Due 28 Jan]


-Update group journal with story ideas and morphological analysis. [Due 27 Jan]


-Do up your brochure soon. Mr Arrowood is checking on our progress on 27 Jan 2014
-Please purchase your book. Cost is $14.90 [Due 27 Jan]

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