Monday, 6 January 2014

Things to do for 6/1/2014


Check Edmodo for updates. Keypoints to take note would be to:
-Check the Scheme of Work.
-Note that you are supposed to do research on video production.
-Bring a notebook for the rest of the ADMT lessons

And Lakshitha, take note that you are the next person to post notes on Edmodo.


Read the notes provided.

Mr Zeng's expectations:

Before lesson
-Read ahead
-Note any difficulties encountered

During lesson:
-Gets notes ready before greeting
-One person speaks at a time
-Listen and participate

After lesson:
-Do homework

Please bring your math textbook and workbook tomorrow as Mr Zeng might be using them.

Things you might want/ need to bring:

-Thermometer (Compulsory for temperature taking in class tomorrow)
-Respective files for subjects (Math, Science, English, etc.)

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