Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Things to do for 8/1/2014


-Do the Pre quiz and prepare for the lesson on General Properties of Wave (all these can be found at the google site) [Due 10 Jan]
-Complete pg 4-7 of the science worksheet (General Properties of Wave) The link is usable from 9.45pm, as tried by Weixuan[Due 9 Jan]
-Please view the flipped lesson videos for your own sake.

Take note: Ms Tan doesn't want any blanks in our work, or else we have to redo it.


-Read the Boy in striped Pajamas. The PDF version can be downloaded here: [Read ASAP]
-File in the diagnostic test question paper and the PT detaisl in the English file(blue file) [If you do it late and lose it, its your problem]
-Form your groups for the PT, not more than 4 per group [Due 13 Jan]


-Bring $2.35 for the purchase of journal for CE [Due 10 Jan]

Things to take note:

-Please update your info in the SDM. And then sign your form. [Due 10 Jan]
-Please be present for the the canned-food collection 11 January.

Higher Chinese

-Please bring your PURPLE file tomorrow. [Due 9 Jan]
-Purchase your textbook and workbook. [Due 9 Jan]


-Form your groups for the PT [Due 13 Jan]
-Come up with ideas for the PT. What storyline would it have? [Due 13 Jan]

See you people tomorrow, remember to bring your S&W attire.

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