Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Things to do for 25/2/2014


-Complete 03A and submit vie Drive [Due 26 Feb]


-Do up your business plan [Due 28 Feb]


Take note of format for submission via Drive:
- Assignment [no.] full name
-Assignment [no.]_full name_correct
- Start doing Assignment 3.3 first 6 questions [Due 26 Feb]
- Please check the file of your submitted assignments on Drive [Due 26 Feb]
- Submit corrections when submitting the next piece of work
-Finish example 11 and practise 11 on the notes worksheet [Due 26 Feb]


-Come up with the layout for the brochure


- Complete your script. [Due 28 Feb]
- Complete storyboarding [Due 28 Feb]


- Send out survey to s308 if you do not have enough responses. 


- Complete pg 7 
- Complete pg 12&13 [Due 26 Feb]
- Remember to stay back this Thu for going through of Level test 2013. Complete your lvl test 2013 [Due 27 Feb]

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