Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Things to do for 4/3/2014


- Complete your script and story boarding. [Due 7 Feb]
- Complete your filming schedule (Time, Date, Crew, Props, Scene, Remarks) [Due 7 Mar]


- A practise session for oral presentation will be held next week. Please prepare your slides for it [Due 11 Mar]
-Finish you draft report by next Friday. 


- Think of 3 external and 3 internal influences for your business.


- Complete your corrections for huo dong ben [Due 5 Mar]
- Complete pg 14-16 in huo dong ben [Due 5 Mar]


- Complete electricity homework [Due 7 Mar]
- Remember to bring protractor, ruler, and pencil for the level test.
- Submission of file will be tomorrow. Make sure all worksheets are in the file and all corrections are done. [Due 5 Mar]


Take note of format for submission via Drive:
- Assignment [no.] full name
-Assignment [no.]_full name_correct
- Complete Assignment 3.3  [Due 27 Feb, 9pm tonight]
- Corrections to test is on the google site.
- Do your corrections for Assignment 3.1,3.2 and 3.3
- Bring graph paper, curved ruler and long ruler
- Do the topic-self study task


-Come up with the layout for the brochure [Due 0n week 10]
-Please bring present perfect to school. You can put it in the locker.


-Confirm you topic with Mrs Tan on the southeast asia presentation. [Due 4 Mar]

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