Monday, 14 April 2014

Things to do for 14/4/2014

Science practical tomorrow!!!! Revise :D 

- Unit 4 SEQ worksheet [Due 14 Apr]
- File ready for submission by Monday [Due 14 Apr]


- Complete the worksheet on formal letter writing (Has foolscap attached at the back) [Due 15 Apr]


-Read through topic 2 of the Gauss enrichment booklet
- Submit question 1 (Gauss) on Wednesday [Due 16 Apr]


- On the business plan, add in: the 4 Ps for marketing: Promotion[Due 21 Apr]


-Complete the worksheet on inferential questions [Due 16 Apr]
-Complete the worksheet on section B and C comprehension [Due 17 Apr]


-Sign medical declaration form [Due 15 Apr]

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