Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Things to do for 2/7/2014


- Gauss questions 4,5,6,7 [Due 4 July]


- Huo dong ben, complete the entire book 2A [Due 4 July]
- Bring chinese 2B blue book [Due 3 July]
- Do the questions on the first page of the first chapter (yuxi) [Due 3 July]


- Purchase the geography textbook and bring every lesson [Due 8 July]


- Bring your progress report [Due 2 July] 

People who have yet to submit: Vijay, Lakshitha, Karthik, Nicholas and Raveen

- Sign the enrichment fee form and bring the money [Due 2 July]
- Bring Thermometer [Due 2 July]
- Class photo orders. Please bring the money tomorrow :D


- Assignment on edmodo. [Due 3 July]


- Ensure that blog is up to date [Due 2 July]


- Blendspace : jahk
- Deconstructing media, feel in the blanks on the media you are doing on [Due 3 July] 
- Homework 1 and 2 [Due 3 July]

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