Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Things to do for 6/8/2014


- Plan for the lab lessons.
- Edit GPP
-Complete reflections for day 5 of your log [Due  7 August]
- Lesson plan change:
Tuesday 2nd period ICT
Thursday 2nd period: ISS


- Submission of business plan [Due 13 August] 


- Remember all the terms and symbols learnt today. 


- Annotate Extract 2 with the various steps we learnt  [Due 7 August]


- Take pictures of the various rooms in your house, and write using 空间顺序描写[Due 22 July]
- Dark blue book chapter 17 [Due 24 July]
- Chinese email writing [Due 29 July]
- Do pg 57 of the huo dong ben [Due 7 August] (It's level test though... I'm not sure if she can delay this) 

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