Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Things to do for 26/8/2014


- Please update the blog, the poster and the GPP.
- Print out GPP and paste it in the log book [Due 2 Sep]


- Rainforest slides [Due 18 August]
- IH individual work
1 Developed AND 1 Developing country.
Energy consumption as a result of Politics, Economy, Social, Technologies and Environment. [Due 27 Aug]


- Complete ibooks author activity about a biography of yourself [Due 19 Aug]


- Get ready the approved copy of project beta planning [Due 25 Aug]
- Oral due this coming Friday, 29 August 
- Essay planning [Due 27 Aug]


- Get the measurements of the area which you are doing and plot it in the next lesson [Due 27 Aug]


- Oral this coming Wednesday 27 August, from 2.30pm
- Yu Xi new chapter [Due 27 Aug]

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