Thursday, 18 September 2014

Things to do for 18/9/2014

Sign the form for the post exam activities 


- Complete the composition [Due 19 Sep]
- Complete email writing task [Due 19 Sep]


-Bring Environmental Science paper [Due 17 Sep]
-Bring ISS Paper [Due 17 Sep]


- Bring energy issue comprehension section B [Due 17 Sep]
- Complete Spectacles Sanctuary compre [Due 19 Sep]

Important notice:
Tomorrow - Listening Comprehension AA
Tuesday- Listening Comprehension SA2

Current lesson plan for the week:
17 Sep: Going through Present Perfect: Energy Issue compre sect.B (Shifted back)18 Sep: S2 SA1 2013 Listening compre19 Sep: Submission of Spectacle Sanctuary compre

- Complete Assignment 14.2 [Due 19 Sep]


- Presentation board [Due 19 Sep]

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